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Who Receives the Heart? -- Mrs. Felicia Richardson's 10th Grade Lit. Classes

Mrs. Felicia Richardson's 10th Grade accelerated students recently participated in a "Who Receives the Heart?" debate. Students were given the role of heart surgeons with patients who need an immediate transplant. Students had to use their knowledge of how to construct an argument, as well as fallacies (flaws) of the structure of an argument, to write and present a persuasive argument to the "panel." After five rounds of arguments and rebuttals, a winner was proclaimed. This activity helps students to see how what they are learning applies and connects to the real-world.

The winning group is pictured with the panel of judges (from left to right):

Aaron Long, Anna Beth Elliott, Sheila Smith, Allen Edwards, Marlie Wingate, and Kevin Wingate. (Not pictured: Brandon McBride)