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Video Grant to boost C.A. Gray Jr. High Video Broadcasting Class - 4.19.17

Video Grant to boost C.A. Gray Jr. High Video Broadcasting Class

C.A. Gray Jr. High School’s Video Production class has been awarded a $30,000 video production grant package. Mr. Rewis’s class received a studio in a box Audio Visual Film Technology package that will allow students to film and broadcast high quality video and stream live by using the ESE Networks platform. The video equipment grant package will advance students with the skills needed for employment or entry into a postsecondary education program in the audio and video technology career field. Currently, the Audio Video Technology and Film classes at the Jr. High level serves a total of 140 students and is rapidly growing every year. Mr. Rewis said, “This equipment grant package will allow me to teach more students as well as expose students to several real-world opportunities that we current do not have such as stream video, conduct live shoots, and be able to record professional grade video and audio. The knowledge that students will gain from the use of this equipment will allow them to develop a problem-solving mindset, and gain 21st Century skills necessary to begin a career in the television or motion picture industry.

The package included a new Sony HD camcorder, a Sony lavalier wireless microphone, headphones, performer PC encoder, video cable, a 20” widescreen LED backlit monitor, 3 iPad mini’s which included tripods, cases, and mics, 24/7 tech support, hands-on training, one-on-one virtual training from ESE network along with a 2 year adobe creative cloud license.

John Russo, an employee with ESE Networks who delivered and helped set up the equipment, added “This package also comes with a website that you can post your videos and stream live. This program is designed to “incorporate productions into the schools and work-ready foundations.”

Pictured below with new Video Equipment received from Grant, LR-FB Video Broadcasting students,Yadira Barrera, Katie Wimberly, Jade Johnson, along with CTAE Director, Tim Hobbs; ESE Network Consultant, John Russo; and Audio Video Technology and Film Teacher, Michael Rewis,