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Community Service Learning Projects in Literature/Composition

Mrs. Felicia Richardson's 10th Grade Accelerated Students have been working on their Community Service Learning Projects since April. Students are broken into five groups and are asked to choose a non-profit, community service organization to represent; they are then responsible for researching this organization and preparing a persuasive presentation that is delivered to their class. Their ultimate goal is to present their organization to all of the 9th Grade English classes and win the vote for best organization.

Students represented a variety of organizations in our community: the Pathway Soup Kitchen, NAMI, the Food Bank, the Hope House, and the Humane Society. For the third year in a row, the winning organization was the Humane Society. Students are currently planning their fundraiser, "Hoops for Hounds" -- the 1st Annual Teachers vs. Students Basketball game to take place at C.A. Gray on Friday, May 12.



 * Student groups are pictured with representatives from community agencies: Pathway Soup Kitchen - Barbara & Sam McCord; Food Bank - Andrew Christensen; Humane Society - Dawn Blanton & Rick Palacios; Hope House - Katrina Bivins; NAMI - Lynn Wilson.