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TRL: Teacher Resource Link

Wouldn't it be great to have quality, standards-based digital resources delivered directly to your teachers’ desktops with a few mouse clicks?   Well, this is possible through the free Teacher Resource Link provided to every district and teacher in Georgia.

The Teacher Resource Link (TRL) is an application that delivers vetted and aligned digital resources to Georgia’s teachers. TRL is accessible via the Longitudinal Data System (LDS).  The content is aligned to Georgia's standards and pushed to teachers based on the teacher's course schedule. Using TRL, teachers are able to assign digital resources to students based upon the student’s performance or by searching for aligned resources by grade, subject, and standard.

Over 15,000 digital objects are already available andnew resources from providers like LearnZillion, National Science Digital Library, and the Georgia Virtual School are being added daily. In addition, TRL provides a folders feature allowing teachers to save, assign, and store resources from year to year.

We encourage you to check out what is available for your teachers by accessing information and free training at the SLDS Contact and Connect page. District and school SLDS users can click here for directions on accessing TRL.