C.A. Gray Junior High School

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2016-17 Packer Points of Pride

2016-2017 School Year:

- Congrats to Mrs. Cathy Nobles on her completion of the Leadership Alternative Preparation Program! (5.23.17)
- Winners of CAG's third annual Edible Book Fair (5.10.17)
- HOSA students raise funds for Autism Speaks Foundation (Mrs. Dale's Students - 5.1.17)
- Literature and Composition | Community Service Projects (Mrs. Richardson's Students - 4.25.17)
- Grant to boost CAGJHS Video Broadcasting Class (4.19.17)
- Video Broadcasting students visit WALB Studios in Albany, GA (4.18.17)
- Mrs. Cooper's Biology students learn about the flow of energy by dissecting owl pellets (4.3.17)
- ELA students read and annotate literary texts (Mrs. Andrews + Mr. McKinney - 3.17.17)
- HOSA students represent CAGJHS well at State Leadership Conference (3.15.17)
- FBLA members compete at State Leadership Conference (3.14.17)
- Students in Ms. Grobe's AP World History classes build Argumentation Towers (3.6.17)
- Mrs. Martinez's Engineering classes study Biomimicry (3.3.17)
- Punnett Squares, Phenotypes, and Genotypes in Biology Class (Mrs. Causey + Mrs. Summerlin - 3.2.17)
- PALS is looking good at Gray! (Mrs. Kern's Healthcare Science class - 2.9.17)
- Who Receives the Heart? (Mrs. Richardson's 10th Grade Lit. Students - 2.2.17)
- Supporting Math Skills Using ChromeBooks in Mr. Richardson's Classes (1.26.17)
- Working on Shakespearean Sonnets in Mrs. McCoy's Ninth Grade Literature Classes (1.26.17)
- Building Medieval Castles in Mr. Yarbrough's World History classes (12.15.16)
- Student Spirit Soars in December Dress-Up Days (12.14.16)
"Dress Smart, Think Smart" Campaign (12.1.16
- Problem Solving with mouse-trap cars in Mrs. Martinez's engineering class (11.18.16)
- CAG Drama Visits Sunset Elementary (11.18.16)
- Mrs. Player's Math classes try Flexible Seating (11.7.16)
- FCA Guest Speaker, Adrian Peterson, visits CAGJHS (11.4.16)