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"Dress Smart, Think Smart" Campaign - 12.1.16

Mrs. Cathy Nobles (left) hands out sweet tea to students.

C.A. Gray kicked off the "Dress Smart, Think Smart" Campaign this year. Students are asked to dress up every third Wednesday to receive a free cup of sweet iced tea. The "Dress Smart, Think Smart" Campaign falls under the umbrella of the "Choose to Work Smart" theme that was implemented by C.A. Gray's Principal, Mr. Fred Smith, two years ago.

The purpose of the "Dress Smart, Think Smart" Campaign is to challenge students to think smarter both in and outside of the classroom. The idea begins with students outer appearance. Ninth grade Guidance Counselor Mrs. Cathy Nobles said, "Students who dress well, test well! It changes their mindset, and makes them feel empowered and intelligent. Dressing up also encourages students to behave and respond in a more positive way towards themselves and others improving self-esteem and character."